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July 14 MDA appoints Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel
Brampton, ON – MDA announced today the appointment of Maria Perrella as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Martin J. Herman as General Counsel & Vice President, Legal, both of whom will join MDA’s executive leadership team, effective immediately.
June 25 Burloak Technologies and MDA Partner for Additive Manufacturing for Satellite Applications
Oakville, Ontario - Burloak Technologies, a division of Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, and MDA today announced a five-year agreement to partner for additively manufactured parts and components for space-bound satellite antenna applications.
June 2 MDA appoints astronaut Tim Kopra to serve as Vice President, Robotics and Space Operations
Brampton, ON – MDA is pleased to announce that retired astronaut Tim Kopra will join its leadership team as Vice President of Robotics and Space Operations, effective immediately. As the leader for this business area, he will be responsible for the work of the robotics and space operations teams at MDA sites in Brampton, Ottawa, Saint-Hubert and Houston.
May 4 MDA Receives Contract to Support Robotic Operations on the International Space Station
Brampton, ON – MDA today announced that it has received a contract worth CAD $190 million to support robotic operations on the International Space Station (ISS) from 2020 to 2024. MDA has provided Logistics and Sustaining Engineering (L&SE) services to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and its international partners since the start of the ISS, which this year will celebrate 20 years of continuous habitation by humans.
April 8 Iconic Space Technology Firm Returns to Canadian Control
BRAMPTON – Effective today, April 8th, the sale transaction of MDA by Maxar Technologies (NYSE:MAXR)(TSX:MAXR) to a consortium led by Toronto-based investment firm Northern Private Capital (NPC) has officially closed. This marks the return of MDA to Canadian control as a private, independent company headquartered in Canada.
February 18 MDA-Developed Columbus Ka-Band Terminal (COLKa) Starts Journey to the International Space Station
MDA today announced that technology developed by its UK division in partnership with the UK Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency has begun its journey to the International Space Station (ISS). The European Space Agency (ESA)'s Columbus Ka-Band Terminal (COLKa) was launched today aboard the NG-13 Commercial Resupply Mission to the ISS.